JSAN Consulting provide Specialist Recruitment Services throughout the Europe and pride ourselves in our highly professional and service led approach Our unique value proposition of better, faster, and less expensive and management is compelling to our clients, most of whom regard us as a long term partner helping them to achieve their business objectives.

Headquartered in London , providing Recruitment Services, technology consulting, software development and outsourcing services, with operations in 4 countries in Europe

What makes JSAN unique?

  • Flexibility in business model – easy adaptation for customer needs
  • Cost effective sourcing model – Employees and External Consultants
  • In-house Practitioners – ensure effective candidate screening and capability to undertake project offloads.
  • Global reach for niche skills – knowledge of immigration and work permit requirements.
  • Ability to Ramp Up /Down as per Project Needs
  • Over 80% Consultants are Certified
  • We provide language specific consultants (bilingual) according to the client requirements
  • Offsite centers for providing remote maintenance and support
  • Attrition managed through optimum Backup Resources and Retraining Procedures.
  • Knowledge Retention –Maintain critical Project Resources for re-use by client
  • Contract to Hire model is seen as significant value add to customers.