Technology Consulting

Delivering business transformation through proven technology framework and expertise

Businesses today witness a lot of challenges due to its dynamic nature, changing business landscape, geopolitical instability, socio-economic influences, regularly changing technology and governance. In such a situation, businesses need to continuously evolve and improve their processes, adopt new culture and leverage technology for sustainability. Technology enablement plays a vital role for businesses to succeed and opting the right technology helps businesses perform and stay afloat with its market share thus managing market complexities. Technological advancements coupled with Telcom revolution has brought business processes to “few clicks and job done” state and with the likes of Big Data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality; customer’s expect businesses to be technical in nature.

JSAN’s technology consultants along with JSAN’s business consulting team liaise with customers at an early stage of the engagement, thereby assisting customers in selecting the right technology and infrastructure to achieve business goals. JSAN’s technical consultants are tuned to serve the customers for customers’ growth and customers’ market share by advising the right technology, by managing the IT implementation. Our extensive global experience and wide exposure to latest tools and technologies many a times acts as an interface between the customer and their service vendors and thus making JSAN a trusted technology advisor.

Why Choose us?

JSAN has a client-driven approach and is fully backed by the finest experts from diversified fields ensuring to give a world-class solution that helps evolve with the changing trends. Every business is different and requires unprecedented approach. But the ultimate goal is identical – SUCCESS. Our strategic plans help to achieve each milestone smoothly, minimising the risks and maximising the ROI. We help businesses capitalize on the opportunities before it becomes too late.

Our team is fully committed to provide personalized and meticulous assistance and help you achieve your business goals through digital transformation. Our technology practice assists all industry segments such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, finance or high-tech industry.

Our Services

Digital Strategy Consulting

IT Strategy Consulting

Solutions Consulting

Network & Security Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Artificial Intelligence

IoT Consulting

Smart Platforms

Technology Architecture

eGovernance mGovernance

Govt. IT Solutions

Our Capabilities

JSAN’s Technology Consultants carry an average 12+ years’ experience in technology with deep industry knowledge. Some of the tools and platforms that we highly recommend are listed here.

JSAN Capabilities
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • SAP
  • QAD
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Pega
  • Salesforce
  • JAVA
  • Testing and Automation
JSAN Capabilities
  • Security Solutions
  • IoT services
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Oracle Technologies
  • Progress